Happiness is other people.

I believe that our worlds become better places to live in when we surround ourselves with those we can love, respect and learn from. I've been touched in some way by the lives and work of these individuals, and I encourage everyone to appreciate and support their work.

This is a running list that is updated frequently:

Liz Tapp
My wife and a creative force in my life

Joseph Shipp & Michelle Haft
Musical collaborators and talented designers

John Phillips / Phillips Forged
A talented knife maker. Keeps it raw and refined at the same time.

BJ Alumbaugh / Cryptic Press
An old friend with whom I have spent many hours in a letterpress shop

Kevin Bradley / Church of Type
A master of typography, letterpress printing and wit; a mentor to me

Julie Belcher / Pioneer House
A creative genius with a keen eye for style, a gilded ear for music and a sense of adventure

Bryan Baker / Striped Light
A prolific, productive printer and educator with endless enthusiasm and a golden heart.

Taylor Morgan
It was a joy to witness his creative process firsthand at Mountain Hardwear.

Hunt Clark & Deborah McClary
A creative couple living a simple and passionate life in rural Tennessee

Sonnenzimmer / Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi
Power couple fighting the good fight one print after another

Marc O'Brien
A true design thinker, adventurer and advocate for good