Adam Ewing offers playlist curation and DJ services for events in Chattanooga, Tennessee and beyond.

Ewing’s formative years in Memphis and frequent international travel combined with his time spent in punk, rock, folk and old-time string bands have resulted in a deep love and familiarity with many musical realms.

His appreciation of the transformative power of sound led to the natural inclination to share music with his community. He got his start as a DJ at WUTK in Knoxville, where he hosted a weekly radio show from 1998-2001. Since then, he’s curated playlists for international brands and DJ’d at weddings, parties, happy hours and art events.

In 2017, Ewing co-founded @home_rex, a place on Instagram where weekly curators shared one record from their collection per day, accompanied by a story associated with how they found it or what it meant to them.


Adam Ewing Professional DJ Services
1271 Market St. Suite B
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Most of my work comes in the form of creating ‘themed playlists’ for brands and organizations, office and restaurant environments, unique situations, and special events. If you have an obscure theme party coming up, an event centered around a particular birth year, a roomy workspace that needs to be filled with productive sound, a dinner potluck featuring food from a specific part of the world, or you just can’t sleep at night, I’ll do my best to weave a musical tapestry that fits the vibe or fills the void.

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