Instagram Experiment, 2017

365 records / 365 days / 2017 / New curator each week

@home_rex was born from a discussion on how the way we share music has changed drastically over the course of the past ten years, and how the human hand and the physical practice of sharing music are less present than they once were. We often share music with a quick click, and rarely is it accompanied by the story of how the sharer found it, what they like about it, or why they think someone might enjoy it. Many people let streaming services dictate what they listen to based on algorithms and advertising. We jump from song to song, album to album, artist to artist. It's rare that we listen to a record from start to finish, which distracts from our productivity. While @home_rex is indeed a digital experiment, the hope is to simply to look at the current sharing cycle of music and attempt to bring a bit of humanness back into it. It's a good way to hear about some more obscure music as well as some stories behind it all. Follow along and find out about some interesting music from some interesting people.